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About the Mad Mex Email Lista

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Please note that this is not the same as the big Burrito Restaurant Group email list. If you currently receive the big Burrito monthly newsletter and mailings for the specialty restaurants in Pittsburgh (Soba/Kaya/Casbah/Umi/Eleven), you are on the big Burrito list. We invite you to join the Mad Mex Email Lista to enjoy the perks (and porks) unique to this program.

The Mad Mex Birthday Card

Provide your birthday to us, and when the day rolls around, we’ll mail you a birthday postcard redeemable for any burrito off our menu. The card is valid from seven days before until seven days after your birthday, excluding Saturdays. Due to limitations of mailing and processing, we cannot guarantee that birthday cards will be sent for birthdays occurring less than a month from the sign up date.

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As our thank you for signing up, new list members will receive an emailed coupon for their choice of weekday lunch specials. See the lunch specials here. The coupon is good for two weeks past the signup date.

Member Specials

Periodically, we’ll send out special promotions exclusive to our mailing list members.